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Guest Access

Access SOL*R as a Guest

What SOL*R Guest Access Provides

Some of SOL*R’s online learning resources are available through a publicly  -available guest account. When you login to SOL*R as a guest , you can  browse, search, view, and download Creative Commons licensed resources.


The SOL*R guest account does not allow you to:

  • Access BC Commons licensed learning resources
  • Contribute a learning resource to SOL*R.

NOTE: If you require access to all BC Commons and Creative  Commons licensed resources, or if you wish to contribute a resource to SOL*R,  you need a myBCcampus account.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Login to SOL*R  as a guest.
    NOTE: You do not require a user name or password. The top section of the screen indicates you are logged in as a SOL*R guest.
  2. See Find and Reuse SOL*R Learning Resources for instructions on how  to browse and search for learning resources.
    TIP: Remember, when using the SOL*R guest account you only  have access to Creative Commons licensed learning resources.