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Choose a License

SOL*R resources are released with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC-BY-SA) intellectual property license. This license remove the barriers to letting others reuse your learning resource, while protecting your intellectual property rights.

The Creative Commons license has the following characteristics:

  • Maintain the original developer’s copyright and intellectual property rights, including moral rights.
  • Require appropriate attribution be provided to the original developer.
  • Allow an online learning resource to be reused free of charge.
  • Allow the original learning resource to be copied, distributed, and modified.
  • Require derivative works be shared back.
  • Allow immediate reuse of learning resources without having to go through a lengthy permission seeking process.

There are 2 versions of the CC-BY-SA license, one written as legal code and a second written in a more readable version for those who are not lawyers.

3rd Party Copyrighted Material

Creative Commons licensed learning resources can only include third party materials if the third party content is also released under a Creative Commons license.

Commercial Reuse

The Creative Commons license allows commercial reuse of a learning resource.

For More Information on Licensing

Please contact the SOL*R Support Team if you require further assistance with licensing.