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Background and History

From Concept to Launch

In 2004, BCcampus initiated the project to implement a repository for sharing content developed through the Online Program Development Fund (OPDF). The concept of a learning resource repository was developed in a series of working groups where faculty members from BC post-secondary institutions played a key advisory role.

In April 2006, BCcampus launched SOL*R as a service for British Columbia public post-secondary educators. Since that time, hundreds of online learning resources have been contributed to SOL*R for sharing and reuse.

Evolution of Content

SOL*R was initially seeded with content funded by the OPDF. As part of an OPDF project, developers are required to license their learning resources and then contribute them to SOL*R. While initial content was provided by the OPDF, all online learning resources are welcome and SOL*R now contains non-OPDF resources as well.