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Developer’s Zone

There are many ways to work with the resources and data inside SOL*R as well as the Equella software which powers it.

CMS Integration

The Equella software running SOL*R supports integration with the following course management systems:

  • Moodle (2.9)
  • Blackboard Learn: v9.1. SP14
  • Canvas: latest version
  • Desire2Learn: Latest version
  • Pearson LearningStudio
  • Fronter

Web Services

SOL*R (Equella) supports a range of web services. We have also got a set of existing libraries that implement these SOAP calls implemented in both Python and PHP.

The Python libraries have been used to create a bulk upload command line tool and integrate the UBC Arts Timeline Tool with SOL*R.

The PHP libraries are the same ones which power the Moodle integration; these have also been used successfully to implement a ‘portal’ on to SOL*R for the ALPS project, an initiative by post-secondary librarians across BC to share library instructional materials, and the open textbook library.


SOL*R can ingest existing metadata in many forms.

The system will automatically ingest existing metadata that complies with the IEEE LOM standard within IMS Content Packages, either as part of the manifest file or as a separately included files.

In addition, the system can batch upload Content Packages either with the metadata inside the packages, as separate files or from Excel spreadsheets.

Upon request a document can be provided with the complete metadata schema and vocabularies used within SOL*R.

OAI Harvesting

SOL*R is harvestable through the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) protocol. SOL*R is also able to harvest existing OAI repositories.

To harvest SOL*R, the OAI endpoint is

So for instance,

A full list of OAI Requests and Responses is available at


In addition to easily federating with any other repository running the Equella software, SOL*R also supports the Edusource Communications Layer , a federation protocol developed by the Edusource project and later refined within the LORNet project.

RSS Feeds

SOL*R can provide numerous different RSS feeds that can be used elsewhere. For instance,  you can get a feed of all new Creative Commons resources in the system. In addition, every search produces an RSS feed so that users can be notified of new resources that pertain to specific keywords or searches they have performed.